14 October 2013

Looodus at Kind + Jugend 2013 kidsroomzoom!

The Font Alphabet Puzzles from Milan-based company Looodus caught my graphic eye in the kidsroomzoom! design space. Co-founders Kurt Stapelfeldt and Denise Bonenti developed the product for their daughter, Allegra, to explore the aesthetic values and language they aspire to in everyday life.

The puzzles come in an array of gorgeous tonal colours and are beautifully made in the hills of Trivero, Piemonte in Italy from FSC-certified poplar wood. However the most exciting part is that each laser-cut letter is a different typeface carefully chosen for its shape, size and special place in the world of design. I've always loved Playbill (P is an important letter to me - my oldest daughter is called Poppy!) but it's the curvy 'L' from the font Lavanderia which steals the show and is the favourite of designer Kurt.

Looodus Font Alphabet

Looodus Font Alphabet

Looodus Font Alphabet

 Magnetic Alpha-Bits are also being launched for creative and poetic word play. The sixty six letter set includes two full alphabets plus the thirteen most commonly used letters.

Looodus AlphaBits

Looodus AlphaBits

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